Smile with confidence with Invisalign® Clear Braces

smileA genuine and heartfelt smile is important, whether in your professional life, or when you are out socialising. If you've ever thought about how improving your smile could help you feel more confident and relaxed, then clear braces may be the solution for you.

Here at Purlys we prescribe the Invisalign® system as an innovative treatment for straightening teeth. Whether your smile needs a minor improvement or something more extensive, Invisalign® can work for you.

Invisalign® can help to treat a variety of orthodontic concerns including teeth which are crooked, crowded or with gaps – but because it is clear, removable and comfortable, it won't interfere with your life.

With Invisalign®, you plan your treatment with your dentist. The treatment starts with an examination and development of a computer model of your treatment. Together with your dentist you can review and agree on your treatment before a series of aligners that will fit only you.

ClearbracesEach aligner is slightly different, moving your teeth gradually into the desired position. You wear each aligner for approx. two weeks before moving onto the next in the series. Treatment length will vary depending on your case, but the average treatment length is 12 to 18 months.

If you require more information on Invisalign®, please contact the Practice.